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Ok, So we're all onboarded and ready to start

But what does that mean, exactly? Let's dig in...

We're experts in the business of building websites, but you're the expert on your business, and we wouldn't have it any other way. From here on in it's our job to listen to you, your goals, and your vision, and to forge from that a visual, interactive representation of your business on the web.

Sound like a tall order? Don't worry, we've got the experience and processes to make sure we carry everything along smoothly.

This page is about help you, our client, to understand clearly what we're doing, what we need, and why.


As we ramp up, we need a little information from you.

What we need from you

Choose A Design

Choose from one of our design foundations, hand us a design file, or let us recommend a PSD template for your new site. Whatever route we take, we'll build you a site that's beautiful, and optimized from the ground up.

Register your Domain Name

We'll launch your new site on the domain name of your choosing. Just register the domain, provide us with the URL, and we'll take care of the rest.

Prepare your copy

Things are rolling along, and we're ready to get started on development for your new site! We'll need to input content, however, so it's time for you to start writing copy for the pages of your new site.

Choose you Images

Site development provides your team the perfect opportunity to work with us to find images needed for your site. We'll provide you with feedback and guidance on images you choose, and we'll get everything added in during the final stages of development.

Get Started now.

Not convinced Cobalt is right for you, find out about our next Steps

This is the FAQs section where you can answer the most common questions.

Have Questions: We'll Answer Them

Can I choose the design I want to use?

Absolutely. Choose from one of our design foundations, give us a Sketch file or PSD, or let us provide recommendations from our design library. Whatever the situation, we'll build your site onto our Cobalt Framework, a proprietary platform we use for development of performant, optimized websites with a standardized and maintainable codebase.

Will I be able to update my site once it's built?

You will! We put a premium on empowering our clients to make content changes and small updates without having to reach out to any developer. For this reason, we provide training videos and personal training during launch to ensure that all clients feel comfortable with updating their site.

What if I'm too busy to make updates?

We'll do it for you! Just sign up for our maintenance plan after site launch, and we'll cover any number of updates for you for a flat monthly rate. Under our maintenance plan, we'll also maintain and secure your site, keep it backed up in case of emergency, and set up uptime monitors to ensure your site stays up and running.

How long does a site build usually take?

You'd be surprised how short the build can be. For time boxed builds, we require that a client provide all their content for the site up front, and be available during the design & development process for immediate feedback and revisions. In this way, we can cut a two-month build down to a fraction of that time, and get you making money faster than ever.

Do you provide content development?

Pancake doesn’t provide content development per se, although we do help get all finalized content added to the site as a part of the base package. Once we’ve input the finalized content, we’ll train your team how to make further content updates and revisions to the copy.

Have Questions? We'll Answer Them.