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Ok, so we've reviewed and discussed and clarified, now we're ready to start building! What follows is a sneak peak into the processes we follow behind the scenes to build and customize your site for your business. Let's launch into it!

ProBiz Solutions

Our patented business solutions are unique and can be incorporated into almost any type of company.

Improve With ProBiz

No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement, and ProBiz are the experts for this.

ProBiz And Growth

Under the wings of ProBiz, you will witness a business growth in a short amount of time. A week is all you need.

Our Services

The Cobalt Framework is our own patented full service web optimization framework. Our specialists are able to create a design and "customize"  one of our templates to meet the business and marketing needs for you website. We identify areas where improvement is needed. No matter what problem we discover, we have a solution and our specialists are ready for the job.

Productized Design & Development Process

Finalize sitemap

Before we can begin the design process, we need to know what pages of the site we're building. We'll schedule a kickoff call to go over details like this, and if there are any questions we'll resolve them here.

Design research

After clearly defining which pages we'll be implementing on the site, the next step is to define an overall look and feel for the site (the design environment). We'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and we'll use your responses to identify potential looks for your new site.

Choose a design environment

When we've finalized our design research, we'll and present you with two or three designs with potential creative directions in which we'd like to go. We'll review these together and settle on a direction that best fits your brand. This design environment will inform the global look and feel that we'd like to achieve by product launch.

Build the Prototype

With our design environment defined, we'll launch into development! Here we build out the design environment based on either the static visuals we selected, or the already-implemented design. We'll use demo content and images here, and build out pages faithfully to the provided design environment source files.

Implement Branding & Layouts

Now that we've got a developed design environment to work with, we'll start building custom page layouts based on the content (images and copy) that we're adding to the site. These layouts use the design environment for inspiration, but are tailored specifically to your brand and overall messaging. We'll also start customizing the prototype to fit our vision for the overall brand.

Revisions & Quality Control

For productized sites, we offer up to two distinct rounds of design revisions. We'll gather all your feedback, and make round 1 revisions, at which point we'll ask you to review and provide any revisions you'd like to make for round 2 revisions. At the same time, we'll be testing to make sure everything is working beautifully.

Training & Content Population

Once the site is all built and ready to go. We'll all get together on a call and go through how to use the site and the page builder. We'll also provide you with training videos that you're free to review whenever you like.

SEO Prep

We're nearly there! If we're redesigning an older site, we'll need to set up 301 redirects. Otherwise we'll go over our SEO basics to springboard search engine optimization efforts after launch.


We did it! Now's the time to launch the site and unleash your website upon the world!

This is the FAQs section where you can answer the most common questions.

Have Questions: We'll Answer Them

Can I choose the design I want to use?

Absolutely. Choose from one of our design foundations, give us a Sketch file or PSD, or let us provide recommendations from our design library. Whatever the situation, we'll build your site onto our Cobalt Framework, a proprietary platform we use for development of performant, optimized websites with a standardized and maintainable codebase.

Will I be able to update my site once it's built?

You will! We put a premium on empowering our clients to make content changes and small updates without having to reach out to any developer. For this reason, we provide training videos and personal training during launch to ensure that all clients feel comfortable with updating their site.

What if I'm too busy to make updates?

We'll do it for you! Just sign up for our maintenance plan after site launch, and we'll cover any number of updates for you for a flat monthly rate. Under our maintenance plan, we'll also maintain and secure your site, keep it backed up in case of emergency, and set up uptime monitors to ensure your site stays up and running.

How long does a site build usually take?

You'd be surprised how short the build can be. For timeboxed builds, we require that a client provide all their content for the site up front, and be available during the design & development process for immediate feedback and revisions. In this way, we can cut a two-month build down to a fraction of that time, and get you making money faster than ever.

Do you provide content development?

Pancake doesn’t provide content development per se, although we do help get all finalized content added to the site as a part of the base package. Once we’ve input the finalized content, we’ll train your team how to make further content updates and revisions to the copy.

"Websites promote you twenty-four seven: No employee will do that."

Paul Cookson, Marketing Consultant

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