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Introducing the

Cobalt Framework

The perfect combination of tools, systems, and service. All oriented toward one goal: growing your business.

Increase Conversions

For a website, conversions are king. Cobalt is designed and built to focus on defining and optimizing conversions, right from the very beginning.

Improve your business

Good website design doesn't just look good, it also solves a problem. Improve your business and leverage your new site to create workflow efficiencies.


Impress your audience

Show off your new site and impress clients or customers with the look and feel of your new design. Every design in our library is created with care to wow your users.

Establish your presence on the web

Lack of sufficient marketing costs businesses in untold ways every year. Set yourself up for success today to establish or improve your web presence with Cobalt.

Sounds awesome! But..

What exactly is Cobalt?

In short, Cobalt is a both a tool and a system for quickly designing and developing a converting, optimized website at a price point that won't break the bank. We've developed tools to improve our efficiency, and built systems and processes around these tools to bring delivery times down to a fraction of a "normal" website build.

That is to say, Cobalt is a Productized Service. We bring to bear the full force of our experience and expertise to design and implement a solution that will help you grow your business. All at a price you can afford.

Here are a few

Features of Cobalt

Optimized for SEO

From permalinks to markup, our proprietary site framework is optimized for SEO. 

Easy-to-update Content

Don't get trapped. We empower our clients to make updates to website content.

Robust Caching Implementation

Caching is vital for any site. Sites built with Cobalt implement a number of tools to help your site load quickly.

Optimized for performance

We observe optimization best practices from the start, to make sure your site loads quickly ongoing.

Security-first Mindset

We close common attack vectors to help keep your site secure and malware free.

Google Analytics Integration

Get the metrics you need to grow with Google Analytics integration at launch.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Domain)

We configure your new site to work seamlessly with the domain name of your choosing. Just tell us what it is and we'll take care of the rest.

Ends Hosting Headaches

Don't know where to host your new site? Take advantage of our awesome hosting setup, powered by WP Engine.


"Websites promote you twenty-four seven: No employee will do that."

Paul Cookson, Marketing Consultant

Let us showcase a few designs for you.

What You'll Get

This is the FAQs section where you can answer the most common questions.

Have Questions: We'll Answer Them

Can I choose the design I want to use?

Absolutely. Choose from one of our design foundations, give us a Sketch file or PSD, or let us provide recommendations from our design library. Whatever the situation, we'll build your site onto our Cobalt Framework, a proprietary platform we use for development of performant, optimized websites with a standardized and maintainable codebase.

Will I be able to update my site once it's built?

You will! We put a premium on empowering our clients to make content changes and small updates without having to reach out to any developer. For this reason, we provide training videos and personal training during launch to ensure that all clients feel comfortable with updating their site.

What if I'm too busy to make updates?

We'll do it for you! Just sign up for our maintenance plan after site launch, and we'll cover any number of updates for you for a flat monthly rate. Under our maintenance plan, we'll also maintain and secure your site, keep it backed up in case of emergency, and set up uptime monitors to ensure your site stays up and running.

How long does a site build usually take?

You'd be surprised how short the build can be. For time boxed builds, we require that a client provide all their content for the site up front, and be available during the design & development process for immediate feedback and revisions. In this way, we can cut a two-month build down to a fraction of that time, and get you making money faster than ever.

Do you provide content development?

Pancake doesn’t provide content development per se, although we do help get all finalized content added to the site as a part of the base package. Once we’ve input the finalized content, we’ll train your team how to make further content updates and revisions to the copy.

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What our Clients have to Say

Stephen Taylor

Owner, Einstein's Oilery

"I have been consistently impressed with the outstanding service provided. They do top notch work and are incredibly knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.  John conducts his business with the utmost integrity which truly makes him stand out! I would HIGHLY recommend Cobalt for all your web development needs."

Ariel Bartlett

Owner, Ariel Bartlett Editing

"John went above and beyond in every way. I had a very complicated, specific idea for the design of my website and John created an entirely original design based on my descriptions. I get compliments on my website all of the time, and I don’t hesitate to tell people about his outstanding work. On top of his skill, John is reliable and trustworthy. I had a wonderful experience as his client and would do it again in a heartbeat."

Shiloh Wisham

Owner, Graphic Heart

"They were amazing to work with! Quick, efficient and extremely helpful answering questions. I'd highly recommend Cobalt for any of your web development project needs."

Carrie Gates

Owner, Absolute Procurement

"They helped migrate our website to a new host, develop the content of our website to be up to date with images and text, and implemented updates and security settings. [They were] a complete pleasure to work with; quick to respond, patient to get requested information and friendly in all interactions. I look forward to working with Pancake for years to come."

Ramses Verlinden

Owner, Holland Painting

"I contacted [Cobalt] about making some modest changes to our website, which included helping to make several of the videos on the site play smoothly on mobile devices. [They] did an outstanding job! [They] took the time to research the different players available and clearly explained the different options. Once we agreed on how to proceed the website was promptly updated and [they were] able to let me browse through [from] his server before the changes were made live. We’ll continue to use [Cobalt] for updates and [they'll] be the first person[s] we speak with when we’re ready to do more of an overhaul."

Jason Orth

Owner, 80twenty Web

"I have had the pleasure of working with John on several projects and I am consistently impressed with his concern for the success of the project. I especially appreciate his attention to detail. John is capable in multiple areas of web work including design, writing and coding which allows him to handle all aspects of a website project. It would be a joy to work with John again on future projects."